I care for my body and my wellbeing through the holistic and natural approach. This is why I love what LifeVantage offers me. They take ground breaking Science and utilize it to activate my own bodies innate abilities to combat the stressors of living in a fast paced modern world. I would love to share the great gift and benefit of these products with you. I believe they have come forward in a time when our Wellbeing, especially health and immunity is on everyones mind. I may have an answer for you, I knew it was for me. I Love that we live in a world where we can still choose what is right for our bodies, and what supports our life force energy. I invite you to look at the videos and explore my personal LifeVantage website; templepure.lifevantage.com Enjoy, and I'm here if you have questions.



Aging is inevitable. And we’re all painfully aware of the toll it takes on our bodies. From a decline in cognitive ability and energy, loss of hearing and loose, wrinkly skin, getting old really adds up.

But now we don’t have to take aging lying down. Our study of nutrigenomics fights the root causes of aging.

It starts with oxidative stress—a biochemical process that occurs on the cellular level and increases as we age. Our cells begin to deteriorate.

By using the Nrf2 pathway to help the body produce more antioxidants and boosting mitochondrial production with the NRF1 pathway, nutrigenomics delivers a one-two punch that creates stronger cells that are better equipped to help fight the effects of aging.


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