Gabriella Song Shiva

Divine Human, Being.

Hello!! Welcome to my site. I hope you feel the essence and heart of what I offer.

Gabriella Song walks the path of service as a seeker of Truth and Light. At the turn of the millennium, Archangel Michael - Archea Faith, the energy of the Goddess and the Ascended Masters would make themselves known to her.

Gabriella is a Golden Key, assisting Gaia to awaken, open, and ascend consciousness to higher dimensional realities. Sharing her gifts with those ready to step into their conscious path and purpose, Gabriella Song serves Gaia as a bridge for Earth and Humanity.

For 20 years, Gabriella's adventuresome spirit has taken her around the globe in service of Mother Earth. She leads Sacred Journeys & Retreats in alignment with Spirit. Other aspects of her work include: Akasha viewing sessions, Archangel Michael-Archea Faith Initiations, mentoring women, private channeling sessions, and a line of wellspring products that activate our body's innate healing capacities. Gabriella's beautiful, fun-loving, rainbow spirit is deeply connected to being community; while spreading joyful exuberance with those around her.

Divine Human, Being.