Window to the Soul - Akasha viewing session

The word Akasha in Sanskrit is derived from it's root kāś meaning "to Be”Akasha is the subtlest element of existence, recognized by the ancient philosophers. When the experience of Akasha is revealed, limitlessness becomes the nature of one's Divine Being.  It no longer resides outside of oneself. 

Together in these sessions we co-create, with intention, a loving energetic field to connect on a deep level through the eyes. The eyes are known as the Window to the Soul.  We call in your Guides, Higher Self, Angels, Ascended Masters and beings of Love & Light.

Dipping into the Akasha, Song transmits this energy (Shakti). It is not uncommon for clients to experience an opening, allowing them to sense the overlaying frequencies as she shifts and changes. Messages and information begin to flow forth, leaving clients with a powerful healing opportunity in the ever present now.

Exchange:     45 minutes $80.00


"It was such a wonderful experience and energy exchange with you yesterday. I could have rested in that space for hours. Thank you for sharing your gifts. I wanted to share this with you;  I had mentioned that you morphed into a different face as well as disappeared during our exchange. I had no prior experience or knowledge of Kuan Yin, except that I had heard her name before. Last night while trying to settle into sleep I suddenly could not get Kuan Yin out of my head, so I decided to google...this picture below is the vision that you morphed into. Thank you for the introduction." Blessings - PS

Divine Human, Being.