Archangel Michael - Archea Faith

Platinum Diamond Synergy Initiation

Archangel Michael visited a woman named Kalki in the early 1990's. He asked her to go forth and serve in the raising of human consciousness. Archangel Michael guided her hand and manifested the vehicle, which became known as the Ascension Initiation.

In early 2001, Gabriella's mentors received "part two" of the Ascension Initiation. The energy of Archea Faith came forth and merged with Archangel Michael creating the balance of God/Goddess in our dimension. This unified energy is called the Platinum Diamond Synergy Initiation.

Upon receiving the blessings of Archangel Michael and Archea Faith, Gabriella's life was significantly altered. A new path of clarity, mission, and purpose emerged. That was 2002.

Currently, Gabriella attunes those ready to receive their conscious acceptance and service to Archangel Micahel and Archea Faith.

Benefits Include

- Heightened energy

- Enhanced ability to love yourself and others without judgment

- Increasing ability to be gentle with yourself

- Deeper connection with the Self - greater joy and more clarity about your sense of purpose

- Supports the release from old negative painful patterns and creates a healing of the body, mind and spirit through the acceleration of your DNA

- Opens you to the level of the 15th chakra

We ask that you wear comfortable clothing and bring your own pillow and blanket as you will have integration time after receiving the Initiation.

Divine Human, Being.